Unleash Your Inner Warrior With The Power Of Yoga

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This Course Is For You If You:

  • Are a man who would like to improve his life in both physically and emotionally
  • Struggle with tights muscles and joints due to heavy weight lifting
  • ​Wish to become more flexible and agile
  • ​Want to feel release from stress and a quieter, more focused mind
  • Want to improve your confidence, both in- and outside of the bedroom
  • Want to get rid of uncomfortable problems like premature ejaculation
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Arvind Belamkar - Dubai

"I joined Kaya’s Yoga a year ago – looking for a gentler way to maintain my health and flexibility rather than gym, and also seeking a way to reduce stress and anxiety. I love the combination of physical and mental awareness that Yoga brings, in a non competitive environment. There is a warm vibe about Kaya’s session – and Kaya is there to ensure that each pose is done safely and correctly. I feel more in control of my life and my body!"

Hamid Bukhamsin - Saudi Arabia

"My choice to take Yoga with Kaya was the right one. I have been involved in sport for a long time, but I found yoga to be very refreshing and nerve calming. It helped me feel so much better overall!"





What Will You Learn In This Course?

  • Learn deep breathing for relaxation, stamina and stress release
  • ​Release shoulder tightness
  • ​Open the hips, release tightness in the hips
  • ​Lengthen and stretch the hamstrings
  • ​Release quadriceps and lower back
  • ​Control premature ejaculation and improve sexual performance
  • ​Gain more energy, build stamina and self confidence

9 Targeted Videos To Make You Feel GREAT

Introduction & Getting Started

Breathing Exercises

Yoga For Shoulder Release

Yoga For Tight Hips

Yoga For Tight Hamstrings

Releasing Quads & Lower Back

Energy, Stamina & Self-Confidence

Premature Ejaculation &
Sexual Performance

Final Words Of Encouragement

And The "Yoga For Men" Manual

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